On November 30th, RSEKN Co-director Ruth Kane and Network Coordinator Noor El-Husseini participated in KNAER‘s Cross-Network Coordinating Committee at the Fields Institute in Toronto! The RSEKN team met with Mathematics Knowledge Network (MKN) and the Knowledge Network for Student Well-Being (KNSWB). Then, Sofya Malik and Davoud Sarfaraz from the Ministry of Education gave presentation and facilitated a discussion between the KNAER team and networks. We look forward to meeting the Indigenous Network, KNAER’s 4th and newest Knowledge Mobilization Network, in the near future!

Equity Knowledge Network (RSEKN), hosted by the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Education and the Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services (CRECS), is a provincial multi-stakeholder bilingual knowledge mobilization network that brings equity innovators together in order to stimulate activities and support product development that can be used to break down current systemic barriers to children and youth from marginalized groups. Email: Twitter: @KNAER_RSEKN