Co-hosts Dr. Vidya Shah and Noor El-Husseini speak with educational partners across the GTA about current and relevant issues in education. Changing the way we talk about equity in education, this powerful set of conversations is designed to unsettle, challenge, and move us towards equitable experiences, well-being and achievement for ALL students. Hosted by York University, this series is a collaboration between the RSEKN GTA Regional Team and VoicEd Radio.

Episode 1: Inclusive Design

This podcast explores Inclusive Design (ID), which is an approach to equitable and inclusive education, designed to support school administrators and educators to engage in focused conversations that include and honour the identities of students… more about the episode and speakers

EP 1 ft. Camille Logan & jeewan chanicka

Episode 2: Dismantling Islamophobia in Schooling

This podcast explores the numerous ways that Islamophobia operates in schools and school systems and the overt and covert impacts it has on Muslim students, families and staff. The speakers identify intersections of Islamophobia with other forms of… more about the episode and speakers

EP 2 ft. Rizwana Kaderdina, Nora Hindy & Sayema Chowdhury

Episode 3: Dismantling Anti-Black Racism in Schooling

This podcast explores how anti-Black racism functions in schools and society both historically and contemporarily and the impact is has on Black students, families and educators. The speakers provide concrete examples of how educators can… more about the episode and speakers

EP 3 CH 1 ft. Phiona Lloyd-Henry & Natasha Henry
EP 3 CH 2 ft. Tana Turner

Episode 4: Leadership for Social Justice

This podcast explores what it means to lead for social justice and how this form of leadership differs from more traditional notions of leadership. Leadership is conceptualized very broadly to challenge hierarchical, individualistic and neutral… more about the episode and speakers

EP 4 CH 1 ft. Donna Cardoza
EP 4 CH 2 ft. Tina Lopes, Debbie Donsky & Nouman Ashraf

Episode 5: Indigenous Sovereignty & Right to Self-Determination in Education

This podcast explores how colonization and anti-Indigenous racism operates in schooling. The speakers explore concepts such as decolonizing and Indigenizing educational spaces and the importance of Indigenous sovereignty… more about the episode and speakers

EP 5 CH 1 ft. Diane Longboat
EP 5 CH 2 ft. Pamala Agawa
EP 5 CH 3 ft. Tanya Senk

Episode 6: Streaming and Educational Pathways

This podcast explores the many ways that students are streamed and sorted in elementary and secondary schooling practices and structures and the impact that has on their educational and life opportunities… more about the episode and speakers

EP 6 ft. Alison Gaymes-San Vicente, Gillian Parekh, Diana Grimaldos & Annie Kidder

Episode 7: Youth Leadership

This podcast problematizes conceptions of youth leadership and offers insight into the depth, breadth and promise of youth civic engagement, community organizing and youth activism. The speakers name many of the challenges that young people face… more about the episode and speakers

EP 7 CH 1 ft. Riven Thorne & Curtis Carmichael
EP 7 CH 2 ft. Charlotte Clarke & Aliénor Rougeot
Noor El-Husseini

Educator, Spoken Word Poet and RSEKN Network Coordinator