Episode Description

This podcast featuring Camille Logan and jeewan chanicka explores Inclusive Design (ID), which is an approach to equitable and inclusive education, designed to support school administrators and educators to engage in focused conversations that include and honour the identities of students. WHO the students are in classrooms is at the centre of this approach. Inclusive Design allows and encourages the identification of students who are being underserved and then through a knowledge mobilization and assets-based model, allows educators to engage in provocations that push them to think critically about HOW to address this. This approach challenges us to make structural changes while addressing the changes in mindsets that are needed to make those changes effective (Chanicka & Logan, In Press). Click here for all episodes in the series.

Episode 1: Inclusive Design

*Editor’s Note: At 37:30, the Director’s Annual Plan (DAP) was launched in the fall of this current year, 2018 and not 2008.

About The Speakers

Camille Logan is a Superintendent of Education in the York Region District school board serving 18 schools (K-12). Prior to her appointment, Camille was a centrally assigned principal who led Inclusive School and Community Services and then transferred to Leadership Development. Her career has included secondments at the Faculty of Education and the Ministry. Camille is often called upon to provide expertise at a various levels of education to support the development of policies, guidelines and professional learning. Camille has also authored/contributed to the development of Ministry of Education resources (e.g. Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Monograph). In collaboration with professors at OISE she designed and delivered an innovative leadership program developed to mentor Indigenous and racialized aspiring leaders.

Camille has been recognized for her work across the province and has been invited to deliver professional learning internationally. Known for her expertise in education and longstanding involvement with community, Camille has been honored with community awards and most recently the Harmony Movement National Leadership in Education award.

jeewan chanicka is the Superintendent Equity, Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression at the Toronto District School Board. His work is focused on embedding an anti-oppressive approach through structures that impact student achievement and well-being including support for Inclusive Design as an approach to School & System Improvement.

jeewan’s past work experience includes the Ministry of Education – Ontario in the Inclusive Education Branch and prior to that, a Principal and teacher in York Region District School Board. He also worked in the international education setting as a teacher and curriculum writer. He is a TED Ed Innovative Educator.

He has a BA in Conflict Resolution and Culturally appropriate forms of Mediation and his Masters Degree in Education. He has consulted with the United Nations University of Peace as part of a team to develop a curriculum framework on Peace Education in the Islamic context implemented in various parts of the world. 

jeewan is the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee award for his work in Education and Community Service, He’s received several awards for his leadership including a Promising Practices award from the Character Education Partnership based in Washington DC, a Human Rights Award from the National Council for Canadian Muslims (2017) and the Mary Samuels Educational Leadership Award from Harmony Movement in (Nov 2017).

jeewan also currently serves on the Community Advisory Group for the Ontario Human Rights Commission and sat at the Anti-Racism Directorate’s Provincial Roundtable on Islamophobia while it was in operation. 

Written by Noor El-Husseini

Noor El-Husseini

Educator, Spoken Word Poet and RSEKN Network Coordinator